Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gettin' back into the swing of blogging...

For the last 3 years I have been telling myself I need to get better at blogging and it just hasn't happened. To tell you the truth, I was so excited to have a blog back in 2011 because I thought for sure I would get pregnant right away and blogging would be a perfect way to document the pregnancy and birth. We are struggling with infertility and our hearts ache with not being able to have children yet, but that will be a post for another time when I feel more ready to talk about it. For now, here is a brief update about happenings recently. :)

Jared and I are still living in Rexburg, Idaho. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marriage and Family Studies in July of 2013 and have loved the freedom of no homework. Jared still has a few semesters left until he will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and he is definitely ready to be done. He is wanting to do a Masters program but we aren't sure yet when or where that will happen.

We own a cute little townhome in Rexburg and have a sweet little dog named Miley. I am a PE teacher at an Elementary School in town and Jared is working at Basic American Foods as a Team Leader. We aren't sure yet where we want to end up after Jared finishes school, but for now we are considering Alaska, Colorado or Idaho. We are excited to see what the future holds!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our August Adventures!

Whew SO much went on in this last month!
We left Arizona at the beginning of August and we were traveling so much that we only spent about 8 days total in our apartment in Rexburg!
So first of all, our anniversary was August 13th and we got to go to the Black Swan Inn! Oh my goodness it was so cool! We stayed in the "Wild West" suite which was all decked out so it really felt like we were in the wild west! Here are some pictures :)

One of the cool lookin walls that made us feel like we were in the West! ...and there's a sleeping coyote in the corner there!

This was sitting on our bed when we got there :)

Our bed, "bath house", and the swinging doors that led to our bathroom!

I will never forget that place! And it will definitely not be our last time there!
After our adventures in the hotel, we went to Jared's family's cabin in Island Park.
The cabin was nice n' cozy and it was along side of a lake so we got to go boating and paddle boating and canoeing :)
The weather was super nice so one day Jared and I went on a are just a couple pictures from that!

We love to be goofy!

Okay so now a bit about our HUNTING trip in CoLoRaDo!
I shot a deer on opening morning! We saw two bucks with one doe and my little brother Tyson shot at one of the bucks, and we all thought he hit him. So, the deer ran closer to me and my Dad told me just to finish it off for Tyson, so I shot thinking I was shooting a deer that Tyson would tag. Anyways, I shot and it seemed like a good shot but I wasn't sure how far it ran.
Meanwhile, my Dad jumped out of the car and saw a two point standing close by. I saw him draw back his bow and he hit the deer perfectly. I was wondering why he settled for such a small deer and when he walked up to me he said, "Oh good he'll be down real close by with all of our arrows in it." I was kind of confused because I was pretty sure my deer didn't run that far. Haha so I told him that it wasn't the same deer, and he went completely white! He said, "Are you serious? I really hope it is the same one".
 So we came back a little while later to track the deer and we found two blood trails. My deer only ran about 50 yards and dropped. It's just a small one but hey, it's meat :) We also found my Dad's deer and he was a little bummed about how small it was but was happy to have the meat.

 Our first kill together!

This my Dad teaching me how to gut it!

Mmmm yummy :)

Jared and I skinning it!

Baha I was excited!

It was a great hunting experience this year and we had a blast!
August was a great month and we are looking forward to the months ahead of us!
Now it's time to start school and get back to working! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Loving life!

So I finally decided to start a blog and have already discovered how addicting it can be!
Alright so here is an update with the Mackley family :)
Jared and I have been married for ONE YEAR on 8/13/2011...THIS saturday! We are incredibly in LOVE and are enjoying our life together!
We have been in Arizona for the past three months while Jared was doing summer sales for Daily Bread Food Storage and I was doing online classes. We are now in Utah but going back to live in Rexburg this week and will continue with the jobs we had and schooling at BYU-Idaho. Jared has about two years left and I will be graduating in December with my associates degree!
This week we will be going to the Black Swan Inn in Pocatello for our anniversary and we are SUPER excited!  
Here are just a few fun pictures we took while in Arizona!

We are so happy and enjoy every moment with each other :)